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The Miscanthus - Structure and growth

Miscanthus is a perennial and clump grass. Part above the ground includes many (several hundred even) thick (about 1 cm), inflexible, spongy inside blades, 200-350 cm in height. Cellulose tissue makes Miscanthus resistant to mechanical damages and protects it to pour out in the winter time. Leafs are long, flattened and they grow up from clumps. Foliage is green with white lane along the main line and they stay on the plant for a long time, sometimes even for winter. Inflorescences don't make seeds, they don't form till winter in polish climate and stay hidden inside covering of leafs.

Triploid species of Miscanthus Giganteus can be reproduced only in a vegetative way, by underground rhizomes or through the plants obtained from "in vitro" forms. The root plants grow up from 3-4 buds and cause of deep planting we can see them after 30-40 days.

Distinctive feature are robust underground rhizomes and deep root system, which comes 2,5 m down. All of this causes effective absorption of nutrients and water from soil.

This plans has no mycosis, bugs, bacterias or other pests, what makes it immune to degradation.